Radio Flyer Convertible Stroll ‘N VS Travler Stroll ‘N VS Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon

With Radio Flyer’s wagon strollers, let’s start a journey into versatile family mobility. These transformative companions, the Radio Flyer Convertible Stroll ‘N VS Radio Flyer Trav-ler Stroll ‘N VS Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon, redefine convenience for parents and joy for little ones. Imagine a ride where seamless dual push-pull designs meet compact one-hand folds, ensuring every outing is a breeze.

Safety takes the lead with 5-point harnesses, UV canopies, and innovative features like secure folding locks. Delight in detail, from high-density foam wheels for nimble steering to durable rubber wheels conquering diverse terrains.

With distinct dimensions, storage solutions, and stylish designs, these wagon strollers promise more than transportation. These strollers promise a symphony of smiles.

Join us on a quest through unique dimensions, storage marvels, and chic designs that make these wagon strollers not just a mode of transport but a VIP pass to family joy.

Buckle up; this review is a portal to a world where every journey becomes a cherished memory!

Our Top recommendation!

The Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon is our top pick among the stellar lineup. This premium mobility solution stands out due to face-to-face seating, adjustable UV canopies, and a convenient snack tray. With ample storage options and a sleek aluminum frame, the Voya stroller combines style with innovation.

The Voya promises transportation and a VIP ticket to family comfort and joy. Padded seats, a vegan leather touch, and safety features ensure a delightful journey for your little ones. Don’t miss out on this perfect blend of style and functionality. Elevate your family explorations today and make the Voya Stroller Wagon your choice for unparalleled comfort and unforgettable moments! Experience the magic and order now!

1. Radio Flyer Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon, Red


Product Dimensions24.41″D x 47.24″W x 41.34″H
BrandRadio Flyer
MaterialDuraClean® 2.0-highest quality fabric
Item weight31.31 Pounds
Weight limit120 pounds
Seating capacity2 Kids

In-Depth Review

Discover endless fun with the Radio Flyer Wagon! This incredible ride offers both pushing and pulling excitement in one sleek design. Say goodbye to storage hassles with the easy, one-hand fold feature, making the Radio Flyer Stroller Wagon a breeze to take anywhere or stow away effortlessly.

Safety is our priority, with ASTM-f963-13 toy safety standard compliance, a rear foot brake, 5-point safety harnesses, and a UV protection canopy to shield your little ones from the sun.

Zoom around with nimble steering and smooth rides on high-density foam wheels – 12” easy-push rear wheels ensure a quiet journey. With a whopping 120 lbs. capacity for kids or cargo, this Radio Flyer Convertible Stroll ‘N wagon is a true workhorse. Plus, there’s a handy rear storage pouch for the canopy and two front cup holders for convenience.

Get ready for adventures with the Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon, where convenience meets excitement for kids aged 1 and up. Time to roll into endless play possibilities!

What Do We Like?

  • Dual Push-Pull Design
  • Easy Fold Storage
  • Safety Priority
  • High Capacity
  • Nimble Steering

What Should Be Improved?

  • Limited Canopy Coverage

Best-Selling feature

Unleash the magic of the Radio Flyer Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon, where playtime meets innovation! Its star features? A seamless blend of push-and-pull excitement, creating a world of endless adventures for your little ones.

The one-hand fold for easy storage, safety essentials like a rear foot brake, and a colossal 120 lbs. large capacity Radio Flyer are playground heroes! Elevate the fun and let your kiddo ride the wave of extraordinary play with this one-of-a-kind wagon.

2. Radio Flyer Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon


Product Dimensions47.24″D x 24.41″W x 41.34″H
BrandRadio Flyer
Item weight 37 Pounds
Weight limit120 pounds
Seating capacity2 kids

In-Depth Review

The Radio Flyer Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon is your go-to travel companion for little explorers aged 1 and up! This Push Wagon with Canopy boasts a dual-mode design, letting you effortlessly switch between a pull handle in the front and a customizable push bar in the back.

Imagine the ease of a one-hand fold, compact enough to fit anywhere, and a secure folding lock. The included travel cover shields the wagon and boasts a zippered pouch for your essentials. Safety is paramount, with a rear brake and two 5-point harnesses for the tiniest travellers.

Parent-friendly perks abound – cup holders, a removable storage bag, and a peek-a-boo window on the UV canopy for added charm. Need a break? Zip down the side for stationary bench seating! Glide smoothly on durable rubber wheels designed for any terrain.

Crafted with DuraClean 2.0 fabric, this wagon for 12-month babies is sturdy, easy to clean, and built to last. Elevate your family journey with this feature-packed, stylish wagon that blends convenience and comfort seamlessly.

What Do We Like It?

  • Dual Push-Pull Design
  • Compact One-Hand Fold
  • Travel-Friendly Accessories
  • Secure 5-Point Harness
  • Durable Rubber Wheels

What Should be Improved?

  • Canopy Coverage May Vary

Best-selling feature

The Radio Flyer Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon seamlessly switches between pull and push modes, unlocking a world of versatility. The unique one-hand fold, travel cover with a storage pouch, and parent-friendly perks like cup holders make this wagon a standout.

This baby wagon stroller is crafted with DuraClean 2.0 fabric and is your family’s stylish travel companion, ready for any journey. Elevate your travel game because every ride deserves a touch of Radio Flyer magic!

3. Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon, Double Stroller


Product Dimensions43.4 x 24 x 39.2 inches
BrandRadio Flyer
Item weight37.5 pounds
weight limit120 pounds
Seating  capacity  2 kids

In-Depth Review

Elevate family outings with the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon – the ultimate in premium mobility for your crew! This double stroller wagon features two cosy face-to-face seats, adjustable UV-protection canopies, and a snack tray with cupholders for endless convenience.

No need to compromise storage – parent caddy, XL rear storage bag, and removable cupholders make sure you’re always ready for the journey.

This stroller wagon is designed for comfort and safety and boasts padded seats, a footwell, and 5-point safety harnesses with shoulder pads. The aluminium frame, with a sleek vegan leather touch on both handlebars, is durable and folds effortlessly without removing seats or trays. The Never Fall™ wagon pull handle in front and fold-away push handlebar in the back add a touch of innovation.

Safety takes the front seat with features like a rear parking brake and UV canopies with peek-a-boo windows. Easy to maneuver and recommended for kids 6 months and up, this stroller wagon is a game-changer for modern families seeking style and functionality. Dive into the next level of family escapades with the Voya stroller wagon.

Read a comprehensive review on Radio Flyer Voya Quad Stroller Wagon here

What do we like?

  • Face-to-Face Seating
  • Adjustable UV Canopies
  • Ample Storage Options
  • Easy-Fold Aluminum Frame
  • Premium Vegan Leather

What should be improved?

  • Bulky for Tight Spaces

Best-selling feature

Unveil the magic of family fun with the Radio Flyer Voya Stroller Wagon that offers face-to-face seating, adjustable UV canopies, and a snack tray for the coolest rides. This stroller is your family’s VIP ticket to comfort with padded seats and a sleek vegan leather touch.

The easy-fold aluminum frame and premium features make every journey a joy. Upgrade your adventures with the Voya stroller because your family deserves the best in every ride!

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Comparison of Radio flyer wagons


Similarities: All three Radio Flyer wagon models are designed with ample space to accommodate children comfortably.

  • The Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon, Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon, and Voya Stroller Wagon provide spacious interiors for a pleasant riding experience.

Differences: Each wagon model exhibits variations in its dimensions, catering to different preferences and needs.

  1. Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon:
    • Dimensions: 24.41″D x 47.24″ W x 41.34″H.
    • Notable Feature: Dual Push-Pull Design for versatile use.
  2. Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon:
    • Dimensions: 47.24″D x 24.41″ W x 41.34″H.
    • Notable Feature: Compact One-Hand Fold for convenient storage and travel.
  3. Voya Stroller Wagon:
    • Dimensions: 43.4″ x 24″ x 39.2″.
    • Notable Feature: Face-to-face seating for interactive experiences.

Load Capacity:

Similarities: All three wagon models share a robust load capacity, ensuring versatility in carrying kids and cargo.

  • The Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon, Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon, and Voya Stroller Wagon boast a weight limit of 120 pounds.


Similarities: Similar weight limits across all three models indicate a consistent design approach.

  • The Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon, Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon, and Voya Stroller Wagon have a weight capacity of 120 pounds.

Differences: While the weight capacity is consistent, the actual weight of each wagon model varies.

  1. Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon:
    • Weight: 31.31 Pounds.
    • Notable Feature: Nimble Steering on high-density foam wheels.
  2. Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon:
    • Weight: 37 Pounds.
    • Notable Feature: Durable Rubber Wheels for various terrains.
  3. Voya Stroller Wagon:
    • Weight: 37.5 Pounds.
    • Notable Feature: Easy-fold Aluminum Frame for effortless storage.

Storage Capacity:

Similarities: All three wagon models incorporate thoughtful storage solutions for added convenience.

  • The Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon, Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon, and Voya Stroller Wagon feature rear storage options for keeping essentials.

Differences: Unique storage features distinguish each model.

  1. Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon:
    • Storage: Rear storage pouch and two front cup holders.
  2. Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon:
    • Storage: Removable storage bag and cup holders, travel cover with zippered pouch.
  3. Voya Stroller Wagon:
    • Storage: Parent caddy, XL rear storage bag, and removable cupholders.


Similarities: All models are designed for smooth and quiet rides.

  • The Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon, Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon, and Voya Stroller Wagon feature wheels that ensure a quiet journey.

Differences: Wheels may differ in material and design for various terrains.

  1. Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon:
    • Wheels: High-density foam wheels.
  2. Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon:
    • Wheels: Durable rubber wheels suitable for various terrains.
  3. Voya Stroller Wagon:
    • Wheels: Crafted for easy maneuvering.


Similarities: All three models’ safety is a top priority, meeting or exceeding standards.

  • The Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon, Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon, and Voya Stroller Wagon feature 5-point safety harnesses, UV protection canopies, and rear brakes.

Differences: Unique safety features enhance each model.

  1. Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon:
    • Safety Feature: Rear foot brake.
  2. Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon:
    • Safety Feature: Secure folding lock.
  3. Voya Stroller Wagon:
    • Safety Feature: Rear parking brake.

In summary, these three Radio flyer Wagon Stroller models share a common commitment to safety and quality while offering distinct features to cater to diverse preferences and needs.

Final words!

These Radio Flyer wagon strollers redefine family mobility, blending innovation with joy and safety. Whether the versatile Convertible Stroll ‘N Wagon, the travel-friendly Trav-ler Stroll ‘N Wagon, or the premium Voya Stroller Wagon, each model offers a symphony of features tailored to diverse needs. With dimensions, load capacity, and safety at the forefront, these best kids’ wagons promise a magical journey for your little ones. Why the review? Because choosing the right wagon is choosing endless smiles. Add one to your cart and this purchase is an investment in joyous family moments and unforgettable journeys. Elevate your outings with Radio Flyer—the perfect companion for your family’s journey.

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