A dog wagon or Stroller? Enhancing Your Aging Dog’s Mobility by 10x

dog wagon or stroller

Have you ever considered using a large dog wagon or stroller to keep your aging dog involved in your outdoor adventures? Do you have an older furry companion who can no longer keep up with your active lifestyle? It can be challenging when you’re a fitness enthusiast while your senior dog prefers a slower pace. The longing for the days of invigorating runs with your loyal running buddy can leave you feeling unfulfilled. But worry not, as there are practical solutions to this predicament.

The Special Bond with an Aging Dog

There are undoubtedly beautiful aspects to having an older dog. Your main activity may have evolved into cozy spooning sessions on the floor, enjoying each other’s company while watching TV. However, leaving your faithful companion behind during your walks or runs is disheartening. This article aims to address this issue and provide potential solutions. 

The Dog wagon or stroller

 Have you ever encountered the concept of using a stroller or wagon for dogs? It may seem unconventional initially, but these products can significantly enhance your aging dog’s mobility and allow them to accompany you more frequently. While pushing a large dog in a stroller might not resonate with everyone, a wagon can be a practical alternative for dog owners with larger breeds.

Dog Strollers for Comfort and Convenience

Various options are available if you’re considering a dog stroller. One highly recommended brand is Gen7Pets, known for its durability and quality. Their Pet Jogger Stroller can accommodate up to 75 pounds, making it suitable for some large breed dogs or even two smaller dogs. You can conveniently find this Stroller on popular platforms like Amazon or Chewy.

Wagons for Dog Adventure

On the other hand, if your dog is on the larger side, a wagon might be a better fit. Similar to wagons used for transporting children’s belongings, these wagons are designed to provide a comfortable and secure ride for your furry friend. Some wagons can support up to , making them ideal for accommodating senior dogs like your 70-pound Lab mix, Ace.

Embracing the Possibilities

While utilizing a dog wagon or stroller may initially make you self-conscious, remember that these products can significantly improve your aging dog’s quality of life. You might even be surprised that many other dog owners have already embraced this concept. In locations like San Diego, it’s not uncommon to encounter small dogs enjoying stroller rides during shopping trips or dining at outdoor restaurants.

Practical Considerations 

Before embarking on your dog stroller or wagon journey, it’s essential to consider local regulations and the policies of individual establishments. In most cases, as long as your dog remains calm and quiet, many store owners and customers won’t object to their presence. However, it’s vital to respect the rules of grocery stores, as they generally prohibit dogs, even if they’re in a stroller. 


In conclusion, if you find yourself missing the companionship of your older dog during your outdoor activities, a dog wagon or stroller could be a game-changer. With a large dog wagon stroller designed to accommodate their needs, your aging canine companion can continue to join you on walks, runs, and adventures. While it may take some time to adjust to the idea, remember that the happiness and inclusion of your beloved pet are worth any initial feelings of self-consciousness. Here, you may check the best 5 wagon strollers for all-terrains review.

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